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2 July 1990
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Hi, I'm Mel-chan ^^
I'm 22, and I live for my (few) friends and my fantasy: I love many characters of books, manga *heart*, anime, films etc. etc.
I love writing and reading, so, and I spend (really too much, for you XD) time telling and reading about hopelessly sad and loser poor people *_*'''
That's the life ù_u
I'm hopelessly devoted to Genjo Sanzo Hoshi, but my first love was Akito Hayama (an horrible Junior High School is DANGEROUS, you know).
Now, because they were fews, is arrived also a bastard serial killer named Seishiro Sakurazuka (and that poor emo and unforgettable boy called Subaru Sumeragi), with all the cheerful (...) band by Clamp.
About my person, er, is too boring for spending too much words about it XD
But I'm a material girl, and obviously I like the exhibitionists with style: so, I love musicals.
Give me good looking people who sings (bene) rather than speak, and I'll be happy.
Then, however, I love fanfictions and especially shonen-ai and yaoi<3 (I have Internet ADSL and I began reading shoujo, my Fangirling god XD).
And yes, I'm an useless lazy girl that studies only what she likes: italian, story and philosophy.
I study Modern Literature at the University of Pisa, and about english... mangascans and subbed anime are the best teachers<3

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